• Wednesday , 18 July 2018

Tremendous growth across the value chain

The reforms have led to tremendous growth in investments in the generation sector with installed capacity in india planned at 2,12,000 mw by 2012 as against the current installed capacity of 1,15,000 mw i.e., a growth of 86% over a period of seven years. The total amount of investments planned in the generation sector is close to rs 2,500,00cr in the 10th plan and rs 3,000,00cr. in the 11th plan.

Another significant aspect of the reforms in the power sector is that it aims at development across the value chain viz., generation, transmission and distribution.

Planned investment in the t&d sector taken together is rs 99,000cr for the 10th plan and rs 1,19,460cr in the 11th plan.

Formation of a national grid at an investment outlay of rs 71,000cr would add 1,00,000 ckm of transmission network by 2012. also, the existing inter-regional power transfer capacity is likely to reach 30,000 mw by 2012 through creation of “transmission super highways”.

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